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SD Card 128gb [up to 7.5hrs record time]

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SD cards are a super important part of #AlwaysBeRecording ... don't skimp out on cheap SD cards and lose video of your PB or other adventures. This is the top of the line. (Before heading out on adventures, always make sure all video pulled off the card and reformat the card twice before recording for the day. This technique will save lots of possible issues. Any questions, call us 800-488-5512)
This card is ready for MLF/FLW Tour Rule #12 that all boats must have POV camera recording every fish catch. This card was recommended by FLW and YOLOtek has done extensive testing. Here are the results...

• GoPro Hero 5 Black 1080p30 GPS off or on records for over 8 hours straight.

• GoPro Hero 7 Black 1080p30 GPS off or on records for over 7.5 hours straight.

• Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB Ultra30 GPS off or on records for over 7.5 hours straight.

Only GoPro Hero 7 states that it supports 256gb SD cards, but we tested all four cameras and they PASSED all tests with 1080p30, GPS on, WiFi on and all other settings off. If you plan to use different settings you will need to test them prior to a live event. 

Any questions, please email or call us 800-488-5512
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Team YOLOtek

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Make sure you check out your cameras website to check compatibility of the SD card with your action camera. 


Now let's talk about how much time you can record with the 64GB SD card. It depends on your camera settings. YOLOtek recommends 1080p/60fps. Good resolution and you can do a little slow motion in editing and give you about 4 hours record time.

RESOLUTION... little p or k
1080p is the resolution. Lots of folks talk about 4k but the file size is much bigger and most folks don't see much difference while viewing on mobile. If you are using Looping and only saving the good video, you might try 2.7k/60.
FRAME RATE... or FPS (frames per second)
30fps or 30 frames per second is the standard rate. We prefer 60fps, so that when the fish jumps or some other action happens that you want to slow down (slomo / slow motion), you can slow it down in editing.
Times from GoPro Hero 5 Black
64gb at 1080p/60fps = approx. 3hrs59min
64gb at 720p/30fps = approx. 5hrs43min (This is just to see the longest time on the SD card. We would still recommend 1080p/60fps)
64gb at 2.7kp/30fps = approx. 2hrs44min
64gb at 2.7kp/60fps = approx. 2hrs05min (save as 4k/30fps, but higher frame rate for better slomo)
64gb at 4k/30fps = approx. 2hrs05min (H5B only does 30fps on 4k)