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YOLOtek is famous for powering boat camera like GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, Garmin VIRB and every action camera ever made. Customers love our products and world class customer service. We are always here to help you set up your GoPro Hero 9, GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Hero 7, GoPro Hero 5, Tactacam Fish-i, or any action camera you got. Fishing cameras are great to have recording all day long, because you never know when you will catch the biggest fish of your life and a PB like that needs to be on video! What goes with action cameras? GoPro SD cards and YOLOtek carries the top of the line in 64gb (up to 3.75 hours), 128gb (up to 7.5 hours) and 256gb (up to 15 hours) to catch a much video as you would like. 

YOLOtek is also here to show you the looping feature built into most every camera, so you can record all day long, but only save the good video you want to keep. Using looping won't fill up your SD card, avoid having to store thousands of hours of video you don't want and make editing much faster! Any questions, just call us 800-488-5512 Thank you! Team YOLOtek