Kayak or Boat PS53" w/PowerTrack Mount Bundle
Kayak or Boat PS53" w/PowerTrack Mount Bundle
Kayak or Boat PS53" w/PowerTrack Mount Bundle
Kayak or Boat PS53" w/PowerTrack Mount Bundle

Kayak or Boat PS53" w/PowerTrack Mount Bundle

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Power Track Mount + PowerStick-53"Gen4 Bundle: Yakers, are you tired of dead GoPro batteries? Want to have PowerStick-53" powered GoPro, VIRB, other action cameras or phone mount on your boat and with no tools required? This is what you have been waiting for. Our new Powered Track Mount allows you to T-Bolt on this accessory and wire to your kayaks 12volt battery. (Don't have one, check out PowerStation by YOLOtek.) Includes 2-butt connectors with heat shrink. Then simply connect PowerStick-53" and mount your GoPro, VIRB, other action camera or your cell phone and start recording. Record ALL-DAY LONG! #AlwaysBeRecording

• PowerStick-53" Gen4
• Silicone Rainproof Putty
• QuadCord-12" (4-in-1 USB Cord: USB-C, USB Micro, USB Mini & Apple Lighting)
• Powered Track Mount
 SAE Battery Connector with 2-Butt Connectors/Heat Shrink

If you have a GoPro Hero 9 or Hero 8, you will need a PowerDoor or PowerCase...
Click Here Hero 9 Rainproof PowerDoor

Click Here Hero 8 Non-Rainproof PowerDoor
Click Here Hero 8 Rainproof PowerCase

PowerStick-53" Gen3 is an all new design and what the pros use to mount & provide constant power to their GoPro, VIRB, other action camera or your phone too. The ONLY powered GoPro boat mount.  If you’re tired of dead GoPro batteries, PowerStick-53” is here to save the day! Plugs right into your rear navlight (anchor/white light) port or your front bow light (red/green) port on your boat and requires no tools to set-up! It converts 12volt from the navlight port to 5volt USB, so you can record on GoPro ALL-DAY LONG! It also makes very little impact on your cranking battery, so no fear of that battery dying either. Secure up to 70MPH, so you can capture great video flying down the lake. It's like having a "cameraman" on your boat. Don't miss the shot, get PowerStick-53" Gen3!

    More info...

    • Official Powered Mount Provider for MLF, FLW & Elite Redfish Series!
    • USB 2.1 Fast Charging on top and 1.0 on bottom. No More Dead GoPro batteries! Perfect for Looping, the feature built-in most GoPros, VIRB and other action cameras allowing you to save only the good video. Your SD card will not fill up and much faster to put videos together.
    • Securely mounts for speeds up to 70MPH with Guide Screw Locking Ports or Threaded Ports/Collars. Fully compress sections for high speed. 
      [NOTE: Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) ports are rated trolling only, do NOT motor. Replace Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) port with our Favorite Guide Screw Locking or Threaded Port for motoring and high speed. Click here for YOLOtek FAVORITE NavLight Port or Click here for LightArmor Threaded Port/Collar. Available in Round, Rectangle or Teardrop.]
    • Made of aircraft grade aluminum with dual channels for strength.
    • Beautifully anodized in YOLOtek green.
    • Extends from approximately 34" to 53". Compress when running.
    • Ball & joint mount for maximum coverage of virtually any angle and quick adjustment of point of view. (POV)
    • Has a 3-Hole Base Plug so it is compatible with all 2-pin and *3-pin navigation light ports on the back or front of your boat, and Spring Connectors within the base plug to ensure constant contact for power. *3-pin may need simple rewire. Click here for more details in FAQ.
    • Protects against:
      • Shortage
      • Surge
      • Overheat
    • Polarity Correction built-in LED & USB require polarity. POWERStick-53" has a chip in it that corrects the polarity if plugged in backwards. What this means is if you buy a used boat and someone reversed the navlight wiring, the stick fixes it and it will simply work.
    • Instant Locking Tabs to quickly adjust the height for each section. Compress for high speed.
    • Adjustable Hand Grip- Move to where you want and it stays
    • FAQ... Click here for more details