JUICEBANK + Tactacam Bundle - YOLOtek ~
JUICEBANK + Tactacam Bundle - YOLOtek ~
JUICEBANK + Tactacam Bundle - YOLOtek ~
JUICEBANK + Tactacam Bundle

JUICEBANK + Tactacam Bundle

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JUICEBANK: GoPro Battery+Mount... Power GoPro up to 8.5 hours & only 8.5oz light. Tired of your GoPro, Tactacam, DJI or other action camera dying on your GoPro Chesty, The BOOM! or other mount... this is what you have been waiting for. Works with EVERY ACTION CAMERA EVER MADE! That's right, all-day-power and you simply mount your GoPro or other Action Camera right on top with the included Quick Release and PLUG-IT-IN! 

Perfect for Video or LiveStream:
• Chesty Mount
• Kayak or Boat Mount with Sticky Mount or Arm Mounts
• Baseball games on Fence Mount
• Hockey games on Suction Cup Mount
• Softball games on Fence Mount
• Much, much more!

JUICEBANK is always on, so no need to worry about an on/off button. There is only one button and it's a press-to-test to see how much power the JUICEBANK has remaining. The second you plug in a GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, cell phone or any electronics the Blue LED Power Lights come on to show it is charging your camera.

If you have a GoPro Hero 10, 9 or Hero 8, you will need a PowerDoor or PowerCase...
Click Here Hero 10/9 Rainproof PowerDoor

Click Here Hero 8 Non-Rainproof PowerDoor
Click Here Hero 8 Rainproof PowerCase


JUICEBANK: GoPro Battery+Mount [Only weighs 8.5oz]
(7800mah lithum-ion=6hrs record time + Camera. (7 hours to fully charge.)

• Silicone Rainproof Putty to keep everything dry
• QuadCord-12" (4-in-1 USB power cord: USB-C, Micro, Mini & Apple Lightning)
 2-Long Anodized Black Aluminum GoPro Screws
2-Quick Release Mounts & 1-tripod mount
• Extra USB Micro Charging Cord
• Tactacam

Full Unboxing Video of JUICEBANK in our Tutorials: Click Here

Approx. Record Times

JUICEBANK recording GoPro Hero 10/9 = 8.5 hours record time (camera battery full)
JUICEBANK recording GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7 or 8 = 7.5 hours record time  (camera battery full)
JUICEBANK recording Tactacam = 9 hours record time  (camera battery full)
JUICEBANK recording DJI Osmo Action = 7.5 hours record time  (camera battery full)

How Well Does JUICEBANK Work in the Cold?

Kept in shade for entire test. (No direct exposure to the sun, so it did NOT soak up the sunshine.)

8:00am Temp 16F degrees with windchill of 12F degrees. 
10:00am Temp 24F degrees with windchill of 17F degrees
11:00am Temp 29F degrees with windchill of 23F degrees
12:00pm Temp 32F degrees with windchill of 28F degrees
  2:15pm Temp 36F degrees with windchill of 33F degrees
JUICEBANK drained right at 6hrs 15min (We rate JUICEBANK for 6 hours, but can get up to 6.5 hours.) *Your results may vary, but we are SUPER HAPPY with the results of the cold weather test.