YOLOtek360 + 2-Tactacams [53+53] - YOLOtek 64gb (up to 3.75 hrs of video) 2CAMERAS+SDCARD INCLUDED
YOLOtek360 + 2-Tactacams [53+53] - YOLOtek 128gb (up to 7.5 hrs of video) 2CAMERAS+SDCARD INCLUDED
YOLOtek360 + 2-Tactacams [53+53] - YOLOtek 256gb (up to 15 hrs of video) 2CAMERAS+SDCARD INCLUDED

YOLOtek360 + 2-Tactacams [53+53]

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YOLOtek360 + 2-Tactacams [53+53] BUNDLE is here! Our customers have been asking for a PowerStick in front of their boat1 and a PowerStick in the back of their boat for an all around 360!  Well today is the day! 

This is everything you need to record ALL of your fishing adventures! #AlwaysBeRecording #YOLOtek360

You will never have to change a drained battery, as you will have constant power. Plugs right into your rear navlight (anchor/white light) port or your front bow light (red/green) port on your boat and requires no tools to set-up! It converts 12-volt from the navlight port to 5-volt USB, so you can record on Tactacam ALL-DAY LONG! It also makes very little impact on your cranking battery, so no fear of that battery dying either. Secure up to 70MPH, so you can capture great video flying down the lake. It's like having a "cameraman" on your boat. Don't miss the shot, get Tactacam+YOLOtek: 360 Bundle!


Tactacam+YOLOtek: 360 Bundle includes:
2 - PowerStick-53" Gen4
2 - Tactacam 1080p action camera kit (Camera with standard 120 degree of view, charging cord, head mount, more. Lens kit available with Zoom Lens 90 degree & Extra wide 170 degree $39.99)
2 - Tactacam PowerCap (allows external power)
2 - SD Card
1 - Silicone Rainproof Putty

About PowerStick & FAQ

Contains high tech electronics and other features:

1. Over-voltage protection

2. Shortage protection

3. Over heat protection

4. Surge protection

5. Over charge protection 

6. USB 2.1 fast charging on top and 1.0 on bottom with USB covers for rain protection! No more drained GoPro batteries! Which means being able to use the *Looping feature built into most GoPros, VIRB, and other action cameras.

7. Aircraft grade anodized aluminum and beautifully anodized in YOLOtek® green

8. Dual channels for strength

9. Instant locking tabs to quickly adjust the height for each section!

10. Adjustable hand grip - move it to where you want and it stays!

11. Multiple Locking Collars - **Securely mounted speeds of up to 70MPH with Guide Screw Locking Ports or Threaded Ports/Collars. Fully compress sections for high speed.[NOTE: Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) ports are rated trolling only, do NOT motor.] 

12. 3-Hole Base Plug so it is compatible with all 2-pin and ***3-pin navlight ports on the back or front of your boat

13. Spring Connectors within base plug ensure constant contact for power

14. Ball & joint mount flexibility make for an abundance of point of views! (POVs)

And we saved the best for last...

15. Polarity Correction! Since LED & USB require polarity, PowerStick-53" has a chip in it that corrects the polarity if plugged in backwards or if you buy a used boat and someone reversed the navlight wiring. PowerStick-53" just works!


  • Never use PowerStick-53" in place of navigation lights.
  • Never plug anything into PowerStick-53" in wet conditions, unless you are using our Silicone Rainproof Putty, as it may cause damage to itself or electronics.
  • Always close tight rubber USB covers when not in use, unless using Silicone Rainproof Putty.
  • Always compress sections for high speed.
  • Silicone Rainproof Putty sold separately to make splash proof while in use.
  • Salt Water: We highly recommend Silicone Rainproof Putty. When coming off the water, rinse everything with fresh water, but of course do not allow water to enter the USB ports of our powered stick or your GoPro.
  • Do not over tighten ball and joint on Gen1. Ball and joint were NOT designed to be completely locked down as some mounts on the market. This design allows you to quickly adjust your GoPro to other points of view. After you reach max tightness (1 to 2 turns), the more you turn the knob the less tight the ball becomes. Gen2 was designed to become much tighter, so maybe it's time to get a new stick.
  • Always use common sense when using all our products. Filming on the water, particularly rough water can be dangerous for you, your boat, YOLOtek gear and your GoPro or other action camera.
  • Securely mounts for speeds up to 70MPH with Guide Screw Locking navlight port or with threaded locking collar. Fully compress sections for high speed.
  • NOTE: Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) ports are rated trolling only, do NOT motor. Replace Pressure/Cam (No-Thread) port with Guide Screw Locking Port Kit or Threaded Port Kit (Available in Round, Rectangle or Teardrop.) for motoring and high speed. 

For more info, check out our FAQ.