Cool Videos from Pros & Customers

Gerald Swindle talks PowerStick-53" as Game Film to Up Your Game!

Wesley Strader's cameraman sets down the camera to rest his shoulder, thank goodness PowerStick-53" (the other cameraman) was rolling and caught video of Wesley setting the hook of the WINNING FISH!

Jacob Wheeler pulls into the Bassmaster Classic with PowerStick-53" recording all the action.

Remember the feeling of catching the biggest fish of your life? 
Shawn Dalrymple's 11yr son, James, catching PB 6.5lb largemouth on a dropshot & 8yrold Ethan excited for his bro. Imagine this is your son or daughter with video to last a lifetime.

What the Pros Say: See What some of the Elite Pro Anglers Say, the first time they see our products a few years ago.

Just Another 8 pounder! These amazing anglers catch 5-8pounders. WOW!

Bill Dance is presented with his OL' SALTY, inspired by Bill himself! 


YOLOteking: Casey shows how easy it is with our products to Set-it-and-Forget-it!