How to get GoPro Hero 10 to Record with External Power & No Battery in GH10

Hello GoPro Hero 10 owner, glad you found this page. The GoPro Hero 10 is an amazing camera! but is having a few issues. Normally it takes GoPro about 6 months or more to dial in the software, but the 10 is taking much longer. The good news is YOLOtek can help you solve all issues RIGHT NOW! Please keep reading, but any questions.. please call us 800-488-5512

We normally recommend GoPro owners keep the internal battery in the GoPro, but there are times in high heat and low wind when customers may need to remove the battery. As you probably know by now GoPro released a few GH10 updates and stopped allowing customers to record with the internal battery pulled out. Currently: If you remove the GH10 internal battery, you will get an error message such as…

… NOT ENOUGH POWER, Your GoPro will power off. Connect to a 5V/2A power source or higher to use your GoPro without a battery. (This is NOT true, just watch the first video here

… Battery is Too Cold and Shutting Down

GoPro is aware of this issues and states GoPro will fix it in the future.

NOTE: You can record all-day-long with your GoPro Hero 10 with the internal battery in, using the tips below... but for now we will assume you are using all the tips below already... and live where it is 110 degrees at 9am and there is little to no wind, so you would like to record with the internal battery out of your GoPro Hero 10... In this case, Hero 10 owners will need to downgrade their firmware to v1.16 in order for the GoPro to record. This just takes a few minutes.

1. Click here to download GoPro Hero 10 firmware v1.16

2. Save the folder Update on an SD card

3. Insert the SD card into the GH10 that is powered off, then power the GH10 on and the firmware will be downgraded.

That's it,,, now you are ready to pull the GH10 battery out and start recording. Hopefully GoPro will fix the next firmware, so you can record the GoPro the way you want. It is good to have options. 
Thanks! Team YOLOtek



However, most that want to run the GoPro without a battery are doing so with other issues at play and are using some settings that cause heat and pulling the battery may not help. Follow these instructions and you will be set to #AlwaysBeRecording …

 1. Make sure you are using a great quality SD card. We recommend SanDisk Extreme cards. We only sell this card. We love Walmart, but never use a $9 off brand SD card from Walmart.

 2. Change to these camera settings:


..30fps if air temp is over 100 or 60fps if air temp is below 100

..Turn OFF GPS

..Turn off Hypersmooth Video Stabilization if air temp is over 100 (GoPro made an Easy way to turn off both GPS and Hypersmooth.. simply slide down like going to preferences and lower left hand is new lighting bolt icon. Click and slide to the bottom.) If you need video stabilization, turn off GPS manually and try it.)

3. Reformat the SD card twice before starting recording. (Of course the card should be empty and all good video pulled off. If you cannot pull the video off at the moment, you can skip this step.)

Now your GoPro Hero 10, if properly mounted will record video for many hours. It will get very warm to the touch, but will keep recording. If the camera does not record for a long time, the next step is to install new firmware,,, but let us know before you do that and we can help.

Any questions, please call us 800-488-5512
Tx! Team YOLOtek