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VOTE NOW: YOLOtek Raw VIDEO of the YEAR! Simply comment the name or video # listed below who you think has the best video. One vote per person. Share this post to get more votes for your favorite! (voting ends Saturday 5pm)

Videos listed in order they were submitted:

RawVid#2: Angel Thurman:

RawVid#3: Tyrone Adams:

RawVid#4: Chris Emery:

RawVid#5: Jason Dudek:

RawVid#8: Justin Seay:

RawVid#11: Josh Glenn:

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This is for YOLOtek Raw Video of the Year 2020. Our finalists for EDITED Video of the Year will be revealed on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos, we will share them all after the vote ends. Team YOLOtek!