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POWERCord-40" (3.3 feet)

POWERCord-40" (3.3 feet): 4-in-1 USB Power Cord for Power/Charging - Click Here for Details! SAVE 67%!!

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POWERCord-40" 3.3 feet [4-in-1 USB power cord] If you love POWERCord-12", you are going to love POWERCord-40". Perfect for your truck or boat. 3.3 feet of cord so you can talk and charge at the same time. Standard USB on one side and USB mini/USB micro/USB-C & Apple lighting on the other. Multi-adapter to power/charge GoPro Hero & Session, VIRB and all action cameras. Also powers/charges most iPhones, Android, iPad, and all other cell phones / tablets. Dead batteries SUCK, but not with POWERCord-40". This cord is for POWER only and not intended to synch data. Lighting is not MFI, but provides great power!  ORDER NOW AND SAVE 67%! Shipping Now. Regularly $29.99

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