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POWERLight (SOLO or Light Only)

POWERLight (SOLO or Light Only - Fits on POWERStick-53") The Ultimate Deck Light / Flood Light & Spot Light for your boat! ORDER NOW & SAVE 8% + FREE YOLOtek Truck/Boat Decal! ($14 value) Click Here for Details!

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POWERLight [SOLO or Light Only] Perfect Addition to POWERStick-53"... This is a product you will "NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW YOU LIVED WITHOUT IT!" POWERLight-SOLO fits right on top of POWERStick-53" & Lights-UP the Deck of your boat & Truck too! Perfect for early morning rigging before you hit the water. Also perfect when you pull your boat off the water and have 22 rods all jacked-up and so much stuff to put away. It is the ONLY light that allows you to naturally tie on a lure. 5 Settings: High, Medium, Low, Strobe & S.O.S. just in case of an emergency out on the water. Brilliant white light with so many lumens you won't know what to do. ORDER NOW and SAVE! 

POWERLight is BOTH a flood light and a spot light! The adjustable beam wide open (about 100' wide at 40 feet away) will light-up your entire world and then narrow it down to 12" and of course every thing in-between!

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