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POWERStick-10" with GoPro Kit

POWERStick-10" with GoPro Kit [GoPro Mount & Locking Collar]: Plugs in Boats NavLight Port. [iCAST WINNER!] Order Now & SAVE 52%! with $44 worth of FREE Stuff! (POWERCord-12" & YOLOtek Truck/Boat Decal)

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POWERStick-10" with GoPro Kit [GoPro mount & Locking Collar) the ONLY Powered Phone Mount for your boat. POWER/Charge your Phone with USBx2! [iCAST NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE WINNER!] Plugs right into your navlight port in back front (running light port) or anchor light port) of your boat - PLUG & PLAY so NO TOOLS REQUIRED! And YES, it converts 12volt from the navlight port to 5volt USB to POWER YOUR PHONE or GoPro! Provides the power you need (USBx2) for all phones & electronic gear. Perfect for GoPro and other action cameras too*. Great up angle GoPro shot!* No more dead batteries! with little impact on your cranking battery so no fear of killing it either. Made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum and 3-sided phone holder. Little rubber boot on phone mount can be removed for larger phones or phones with cases. Approximately 9.5" tall. CAN HOLD AND POWER YOUR GoPro TOO for that low angle upward shot!* ORDER NOW AND SAVE 52% ON THIS AMAZING PRODUCT! SHIPPING NOW! Reg. $94

Want POWERStick-10" for a GoPro Mount? *If you plan on using as GoPro mount and you want to secure, please order a locking collar and GoPro tripod + screw if needed:
-Locking Collar - Standard CAMLock/No-Thread - Click to add to your order.
-Locking Collar - Threaded Large - Click to add to your order
-GoPro Tripod Mount + Screw

+ For a limited time: $44 Worth of FREE Stuff Included (POWERCord-12" & YOLOtek Truck/Boat Decal)

How Much will this Draw on my Cranking Battery?  VERY LITTLE DRAW! We understand how VITAL it is for you to maintain high charge battery level. YOLOtek products were designed to leave your battery alone! Because we are downing 12v to 5v for USB, we are barely touching your battery. Examples:
- GoPro Hero 5 Black, plugged into top USB port 1.2 amp, recording at 1080p for 10 hours will take your battery from 12.8 to 12.6.
- POWERLight, plugged into top USB port 1.2 amp, running on high will take your battery from 12.8 to 12.5.
(In 40% of our tests a naked battery [battery that has nothing attached] will go down from 12.8 to 12.6 in 10 hours. So, YES your battery will not be an issue with our products! :)

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES... that go great with POWERStick-10"...

1. POWERKit-12" contains (1) POWERCase & (1) POWERCord-12" to power your adventures! POWERCase is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4. POWERCord-12" is a 4-in-1 USB power cord. The POWERKit is the perfect addition to the POWERStick-53" & POWERStick-10". Or get either POWERCase or POWERCord-12" separately...
2. POWERCase, is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4, so you can power/charge your GoPro, VIRB, or iON all day long. Similar to GoPro Skeleton that sells for 67% more than POWERCase.
3. POWERCord-12", is a 4-in-1 USB cord. Standard USB on one side and USB mini, USB micro, Apple Lighting & Apple 30pin on the other. About 12" long, just perfect to plug in and power/charge any action camera or phone you have.
4. SILICONE RAINPROOF PUTTY - just Seal-it & Forget-it! The fastest way to Rainproof/Dustproof your POWERStick-10" & POWERCase. Simply roll it out and wrap it around your power cord and into the open side case to prevent water from coming in during rain or spray while you are running. Comes with 12 tabs to keep it dry.
5. Locking Collar - Standard CAMLock/No-Thread - Click to add to your order.
6. Locking Collar - Threaded Large - Click to add to your order

With 1/4"-20 thread standard tripod mount on top of ALL our sticks, rest assured you can mount any action camera!
- GoPro Hero 5 Black (Yes, the brand new one. Works great!)
- GoPro Hero 5 Session
- GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver & Hero 4 Session
- GoPro Hero 3, 3+, +, Yep, we work with your GoPro
- Works with EVERY action camera ever made! VIRB, iON, Wasp, etc.

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