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Silicone Dielectric Grease / Compound [NavLight Port Maintenance 1g packet]

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Silicone Dielectric Grease / Compound is what you need to keep your navlight port pins & USB ports clean and ready to provide all-day power to your GoPro, VIRB, DJI, Tactacam, other action camera or phone. Just like your car battery can build up corrosion if you don't keep air/moisture away, Silicone Dielectric Compound will keep your port and pins clean and corrosion free. You can use Silicone Dielectric Compound on all your electric connections on your boat such as fish finders, batteries and more. Also, works great in your GoPro, DJI, Tactacam or other USB powered devices and in your YOLOtek USB ports too.

URGENT: Before sticking your PowerStick-53" or PowerStick-20" into your navlight port, take a look at the port and pins to make sure they are clean and there is NO CORROSION! Inserting YOLOtek gear into a corroded port can damage the product. YOLOtek gear should slide into the port easily and requires almost no force or you might have dirty pins/port.

Simple to use:
1. Clean the port and pins of corrosion.
2. Coat navlight pins with Silicone Dielectric Compound using swab.
3. YOLOtek gear should slide easily into port.

When should I use Silicone Dielectric Grease?
FRESHWATER: When you are done with the boat for the weekend.
SALTWATER: EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU BRING YOUR BOAT IN! Spray the port with fresh water twice, dry port and apply Silicone Dielectric Compound to the pins with a swab to keep the pins clean.