YOLOtek Releases Revolutionary “PowerStick” to Market


YOLOtek Releases Revolutionary “PowerStick” to Market

Groundbreaking new product allows boaters and anglers to hold and charge their phones while on the water.

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. (December 1, 2014) – Kansas City-based company YOLOtek announced today the release of its new product, the PowerStick, designed to help anglers and boaters overcome the problem of dead phone batteries while on the water. By plugging into a boat’s navigation port light and converting it to USB, the PowerStick allows users to charge their phones from a secure mount and have power available to capture photos and video of events such as big catches as well as the fun and adventure of water sports.

“We are excited to be releasing the PowerStick because we know what a tremendous need it meets,” said Christian Corley, the product developer and founder of YOLOtek. “We’ve already heard great feedback from those who have tried it out, some of whom are saying they’ve been waiting for a product like this for years.”

The idea for the PowerStick was born out of a request for help from Corley’s father and brother, Roger and Bryan Corley. Both tournament bass anglers, the pair was looking for a way to keep their phones from losing battery power while they were on the water, so they called Corley, a product developer and inventor with a proven track record of creating new products and bringing them to market quickly. Just 18 hours after receiving their call, Corley had designed the PowerStick and was ready for his family to give it a test run.

 Receiving positive feedback from his father and brother, Corley looked to test the product on an angler outside of his family and called elite angler Casey Scanlon with whom he had connected on a previous product release. The response from Scanlon was the same.

“Casey was thrilled,” Corley said. “He had been in the same situation as my family, trying to find a way to overcome the problem of the dead battery, so he was eager to put it to good use.”

With the release of the PowerStick, Corley plans to begin working on a new product suggested by Scanlon, similar to what Corley calls a “Selfie Stick for boaters,” which allows them to capture video and photos from angles other than the standard windshield shot location.

“We think we have a great idea with the upcoming product, and we hope it’s just as useful as we know the PowerStick will be,” Corley said. “Our goal is to make the fun and excitement of angling more easily captured through devices and technology. Reeling in those big catches is always thrilling, and we hope to make it easier for those in the sport to show that excitement to the world.”

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