ProStaff / Team YOLOtek

Hi, this is Christian Corley, founder of YOLOtek. We are excited that so many folks are interested in joining our ProStaff & our Brand Ambassador Program called Team YOLOtek... to help us spread the word about our awesome gear. Please send the information below and if you qualify, we will send you a link to join Team YOLOtek.

Thank you!

1. Please send links (full links) to all your social. If we can't click on it, then it's not the full link. (You do NOT have to have all of these social channels, in fact we recommend having two; depending on your strategy.)
• YouTube
• Instagram
• Facebook (business FB, please don't send personal FB page)
• TikTok
• Twitter

2. Let us know how you first learned about YOLOtek and if you own any YOLOtek gear now.

3. Tell us a little about you, your dreams and how you can help us spread the word about our amazing products.

If you qualify, then we will invite you to join our Brand Ambassador program called Team YOLOtek or keep you in mind for our ProStaff.



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