About US

YOLOtek® is committed to the best gear and knowledge so you can #AlwaysBeRecording and capture once in a lifetime moments on video!

We have over 50,000 customers who have video of their personal best fish, kids/grandkids catching their first fish, kids/grandkids being pulled on a tube, bloopers on the water, 8 different men proposing to their girlfriends and other incredible moments. If you want to get it all on video, then you came to the right spot!


Our founder, Christian Corley from the Kansas City area, received a phone call from his daddy Roger Corley who was fishing on Lake Ahquabi in Iowa with his oldest son Bryan. Roger was tired of his cell phone battery being drained while out fishing. Bryan said "what we need is for someone to take the power from the navigation light port and convert it to USB". His father, Roger said, "well I know who can invent that, let's call your brother Christian!" A few hours later - PowerStick was born.

Christian showed PowerStick-10" to Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Casey Scanlon. Casey said "this is great, but can you make it hold my GoPro camera?" So we began to work on a longer stick that would extend up and down for a lot of points of view. A few days later PowerStick-53" was born.

Just two weeks later PowerStick-53" was voted one of the TOP NEW PRODUCTS at The Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro! Just a few months later PowerStick WON Best in Show at iCAST New Product Showcase.


Folks ask us "how did you come up with the company name?" Great question! We had paid two advertising agencies in Kansas City several thousand dollars to come up with an awesome name, but they kept missing the mark. Then one day Dakota; Christian's son, who was 8 years old at the time, said; "We should call it YOLO, because Daymond John from Shark Tank says 'You Only Live Once!" Now Randy Howell, Brent Ehrler, Brent Chapman, Laker Howell & almost every top fishing pro & anglers around the world use the YOLOtek® powered GoPro boat mount to catch YOLO moments on video. Even legends Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston & Rolland Martin all use YOLOtek gear.

Today we are growing fast and have many products in the pipeline. If you have a problem or frustrated with something on the water or on land, please let us know. We have a "Sharing is Caring" program in place and you can receive money for any product ideas we take to market. Send your problems or solutions to: Ideas@YOLOtek.com

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Thank you and we hope you join the YOLOtek® Family!
Team YOLOtek®