MAP Policy for Resellers

Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P.) Policy for All YOLOtek products

Price control is the lifeblood of any high quality brand such as YOLOtek. Without good controls distributors and retailers would be racing to undercut each other. This would be a race to the bottom & cause consumers dissatisfaction and upset retailers/distributors could lose customers.

No company or individual is allowed to sell the YOLOtek branded products without strictly following the M.A.P. Policy and guidelines herein. No company, distributor, etc. is allowed to override the YOLOtek M.A.P. Policy without authorized consent of YOLOtek, LLC in writing. Every YOLOtek product has a Minimum Advertised Price or M.A.P.

Example of M.A.P. violation: If there are 10 resellers of YOLOtek products and 9 are selling a YOLOtek product for $119.99 M.A.P. and one reseller advertises a price of $92.44, then the other resellers are at a disadvantage and all of their customers will be upset that they paid a higher price. This is bad for the resellers, bad for the consumer and very bad for the YOLOtek brand.

Further, all advertisements must be completely accurate, such as…

  • MSRP & M.A.P. pricing
  • Picture(s) and graphics
  • Logo
  • Ad copy

It is vital for the YOLOtek brand to be represented by all resellers, distributors, etc to maintain our high level of quality and brand integrity. If YOLOtek or our distributors contact you with errors in advertising, this must be cured within 5 business days.

Please see Exhibit A for all MSRP & M.A.P. pricing.

Violations of M.A.P.  If a violation(s) of M.A.P. or error on listings occur and is not cured within 5 business days, YOLOtek and its distribution company or companies have the right to stop selling YOLOtek products immediately. We understand mistakes can happen once, but if there are three (3) violations; then all sales of YOLOtek products will halt and can only begin again with authorization from YOLOtek, LLC.