YOLOtek Releases New AquaStick and AquaStickPRO



YOLOtek Releases New AquaStick and AquaStickPRO

Company releases products that allow anglers and boaters to capture footage from multiple angles.

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. (February 1, 2015) – Kansas City-based company YOLOtek announced today the release of two revolutionary new products—the AquaStick and AquaStickPRO—designed to help anglers and boaters to capture photos and video from a variety of angles. Referred to as a “Selfie Stick for boaters,” the AquaStick frees users from the typical windshield-only shots common to the fishing industry, while the AquaStickPRO also allows them to charge their devices and secure them in place.

“We think these products have the potential to completely change the fishing industry and how it captures footage,” said Christian Corley, the product developer and founder of YOLOtek. “We’ve already had amazing feedback on these two products from those who have tested them, and we are very confident the rest of the industry will have a similar reaction.”

Among those who have tested the products is elite angler Casey Scanlon, who has been linked to YOLOtek from the company’s inception both as a fan of their products and as a voice of inspiration.

“It was Casey’s suggestion that led us to create the AquaStick line,” said Corley. “He’d reviewed our PowerStick for us back in November before we released it and thought it would be a great concept to use with his action sport camera. And based on Casey’s experience and level of competition, we knew if he was voicing an idea, we needed to listen.”

The first product to be created was the AquaStick. Extending from 15 to 43 inches, it was compact, waterproof and made of rust-proof stainless steel, which was ideal for its purpose of capturing great shots at a variety of angles with the industry’s most-used cameras: the GoPro, VIRB and iON. The second product—the AquaStickPRO—combined the capabilities of the original AquaStick with YOLOtek’s PowerStick, which provided a way for boaters to charge their phones through a USB port. The AquaStickPRO also added locking arms that further secured the action cameras to the device and was approved at speeds up to 50 mph.

“These devices just make action images and footage on a boat so much easier to get,” said Corley. “There’s never a reason why a boater should miss a shot if he or she has one of our AquaSticks. And for a world that has been very limited in this area, that really brings a lot of freedom.”

With the AquaStick line and December’s PowerStick, YOLOtek will have solved two major problems for boaters in just two short months. The next step, then, is to get the word out by attending trade shows and expos, including next month’s Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Greenville, S.C., which is one of the premier events in the industry.

“We anticipate a great response to these products because we really feel like they are incredibly valuable to the fishing and boating industry,” Corley said. “Our goal is to make the fun and excitement of angling more easily captured through devices and technology. Reeling in those big catches is always thrilling, and we hope to make it easier for those in the sport to show that excitement to the world.”

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