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YOLOtek AquaStickPRO Named One of the Top Products at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo


YOLOtek AquaStickPRO Named One of the Top Products at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo 
Out of more than 500 vendors, company lands spot in the top 13 with its third product.

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. (April 1, 2015) – YOLOtek announced today that its AquaStickPRO has been named one of the top 13 new products at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo. The event, held in conjunction with the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro, drew more than 500 vendors and 100,000 attendees to the TD Convention Center in Greenville, S.C., from February 20-22, 2015. From the vendors’ new products, the top 13 were selected and featured in the April issue of Bassmaster’s B.A.S.S. Times magazine

“To be included in the top 13 new products at the Bassmaster Classic Expo is incredible,” said Christian Corley, founder and product developer of YOLOtek. “In a setting like that there are hundreds of outstanding products from some of the top brands and manufacturers in the industry. We’re truly thrilled that our AquaStickPRO stood out as one of the best.”

The AquaStickPRO is the third product released by YOLOtek, which burst onto the scene in early 2015 just in time for the expo. By combining the benefits of the first two YOLOtek products—the PowerStick and AquaStick—the AquaStickPRO enables anglers to capture video and camera shots of their fishing adventures securely from a variety of angles and at high speeds without losing battery power. And with its ability to free anglers from relying on windshield-only angle videos and short battery lives, the AquaStickPRO already has gained an enthusiastic following of some of the industry’s elite anglers.

“I’ve loved what YOLOtek has been doing from the beginning,” said Casey Scanlon, a MLF Select Angler and member of the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2011, whose suggestion to Corley led to the development of the AquaStickPRO. “Their products have solved a huge problem for all of us who have been wrestling with camera batteries and poor angles for years. I use the AquaStickPRO all the time, and now I can’t imagine trying to capture footage without it.”

YOLOtek was originally born out of a product that was created to solve a problem. Corley’s father and brother—both tournament bass anglers—were looking for a way to keep their phones from losing battery power while they were on the lakes, so they called Corley, a product developer and inventor with a proven track record of creating new products and bringing them to market quickly. Just 18 hours after receiving their call, Corley had designed the original PowerStick, which could plug into a boat’s navigation port light to charge a phone from a secure position.

After showing the PowerStick to Scanlon, who already had connected to Corley on another of his developed products, the idea was generated to create a product that could hold action cameras and generate new camera angles for anglers tired of the conventional shots. The result was the first AquaStick—a stainless steel device described by Corley as a “Selfie Stick for boaters”—and the later-designed AquaStickPRO, which was a power-providing and weather-proof version of the original.

“The AquaStickPRO has changed the game for a lot of guys in the industry,” Corley said. “It’s fun to watch them get excited about not being bound by the constraints of dead batteries and stale camera angles. They seem to love what we provide just as much as we love meeting the need for them.”

Currently, YOLOtek is working on a saltwater-friendly version of the AquaStick called OL’ SALTY. More details will be released later in the summer.

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About YOLOtek:

The Official Power Mount Provider of Major League Fishing, YOLOtek was founded in August 2014 by Kansas City-based product creator Christian Corley whose original PowerStick broke new ground in the fishing and boating industry by enabling boaters to capture images and video on their phones from a secure position without losing battery power. YOLOtek’s second and third products, the AquaStick and AquaStickPRO, gained additional attention by adding the ability to capture shots from a variety of angles and to fit with multiple action cameras including the GoPro, VIRB and iON. Now one of the most revolutionary companies in the industry YOLOtek continues to develop new products aimed at maximizing the boating photo and video experience and is endorsed by some of today’s top elite anglers.



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