YOLOtek Announces New Product: PowerStation Pro-Kit ™

Olathe, KS (December 5, 2017) –Olathe, Kansas based company, near Kansas City, YOLOtek™ announced today the release of a revolutionary new product— PowerStation Pro-Kit ™ — a Powered Phone/GoPro Stand, Charging Station & Lighting Solution all-in-one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your own personal cameraman to video your adventures? We think so and we put enough battery power it the base to power your phone or GoPro and you can add PowerLight for a hands-free light.

“We listened to our customers and pro anglers who told us they love POWERStick-53” ™ (the powered GoPro mount that plugs into the navlight port on their boat) and only wish they could use it everywhere,” said Christian Corley, the product developer and founder of YOLOtek™. “That was the inspiration for my team and I to create PowerStation-SOLO, an airplane friendly battery box with a port to allow POWERStick-53” ™ to be connected. The entire set-up can hold your phone or GoPro. We call this your Cameraman 2Go. Perfect for filming yourself fishing, hunting, or your kids playing soccer so you can enjoy the game. The battery box is great for camping, kayaks or power outages. Adding PowerLight will light up your campsite or anywhere you need a hands-free light.”

PowerStation-SOLO is made of rugged materials, is water resistant and airplane friendly. POWERStick-53” ™ is made of aircraft grade aluminum that is beautifully anodized in YOLOtek™ green. Adjusts from 31.5” to 53”. POWERLight Features include an adjustable beam with High, Medium, Low, Strobe & built-in S.O.S. for safety. Or use the available DoubleBarrel mount to use 2-Lights for over 1,000 lumens or 1-Light & 1-GoPro to keep filming when it starts to get dark. Use our Silicone Rainproof Putty to keep everything dry.

Originally inspired by Corley’s father, Roger Corley, dead battery on his cell phone while fishing on his son Bryan’s boat. Now YOLOtek has grown into a full product line to mount and power GoPro, VIRB, other action cameras and cell phones too. Roger at 78 lost his battle with cancer, but inspired many by qualifying for the Central Regional Championship on Lake Guntersville, AL and putting others ahead of himself. Roger always said, “Treat customers as you would want them to treat your mother!”.

After earning a loyal and enthusiastic following YOLOtek™ was named the Official Power Mount Provider of Major League Fishing (MLF) and FLW. T-H Marine exclusively distributes YOLOtek™ products.

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Christian Corley, YOLOtek

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About YOLOtek:

YOLOtek™ was founded in August 2014 by Kansas City-based product creator Christian Corley whose original POWERStick-10” broke new ground in the fishing and boating industry by enabling boaters to hold and power their cell phones on millions of boats that don’t even have 12-volt chargers on the dash. YOLOtek’s second and third products, AquaStick and POWERStick-53”™, gained additional attention by adding the ability to securely mount and power GoPro, VIRB, and other action cameras. Now one of the most revolutionary companies in the industry, YOLOtek continues to develop new products aimed at maximizing the boating video and photo experience and is endorsed by some of today’s top elite anglers and living legends such as Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston & Kevin VanDam. YOLOtek is the Official Power Mount Provider of Major League Fishing and FLW. To learn more about YOLOtek, please visit www.YOLOtek.com


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