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Port Kit [Rectangle Attwood SlideLock]

Port Kit [Rectangle Attwood SlideLock]

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Team YOLOtek's FAVORITE navlight port EVER! Once mounted in Slide-Lock (guide screw locking port) the PowerStick-53" can motor as fast as your boat will go in calm water. (with stick fully compressed) 

Note: 3-stainless steel #10 oval head screws and 2-crimp connectors with heat seal are included.  Click here to download and print the port installation sheet with a port wire diagram, so you can lay it down on your existing port screw holes to see if they match and find the best place on your boat to install. MUST PRINT INSTALL SHEET AT 100%. (Do NOT use "Shrink to Fit" setting in .pdf)
Requires a 1-3/8" hole.

• Rectangle 2-Pin Base for 12° Angled Pole
• Swivel cover protects the socket when light is stowed away. Socket is keyed to prevent incorrect insertion of pole light.
• Three countersunk holes for installation fasteners. Includes 7-1/2-inch hard wire leads for connection to 12-volt DC power supply.
Dimensions: 4-inches x 1-5/8-inches. 1-3/8-inch dia. installation hole size.
Contacts are nickel-plated to resist corrosion and multi-crimped for durability.
Wire leads are tinned for corrosion-resistance. 


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