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PowerBank (26,800mah lithium-ion Powers GoPro / Camera 15 Hrs.)

PowerBank (26,800mah lithium-ion Powers GoPro / Camera 15 Hrs.)

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PowerBank (26,800mah lithium-ion) by YOLOtek is all you need to power your GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, or other action camera and record video for 15 hours straight. Great while camping to keep your iPhone, Android, other cell phone, iPad, tablet and other electronics charged up. PowerBank is outdoor friendly and with our Silicone Rainproof Putty installed, it is rainproof. You will love this and probably want a couple to keep in your Truck, Car, RV and more.

PowerBank (26,800mah lithium-ion Powers GoPro / Camera 15 Hrs.)
• 18-LED Lights (High, Low, Strobe Slow/High)
• 2-USB 3.0 ports for charging your camera or phone quickly
• 2-Charging Ports (1 USB-C & 1 USB-Micro)
• Emergency Solar (As you know it take miles of solar to charge stuff, but we have built-in solar that could help in an emergency.) 
• 7”l x 3.5”w x 1”thick
• 1.2lbs

• PowerBank (26,800mah Powers GoPro / Camera 15 Hrs.)
• Silicone Rainproof Putty
• QuadCord-12" (4-in-1 Power Cord USB-C, Micro, Mini & Apple Lighting)


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YOLOtek tagline is #AlwaysBeRecording and this is because our products provide constant power to keep your action camera, cell phone and other electronics powered all day long. This allows you to #AlwaysBeRecording!