Bassmaster ELITE Anglers

My team and I are honored to support all Bassmaster ELITE Anglers to help you record video of the entire event... so you have video content for your sponsors, future sponsors, fans, followers and if something crazy happens we have a Viral Video Broker that can turn your video into CASH. (The record Viral Video right now has generated over $30,000 for one Pro Angler on Sam Rayburn.)

Click here: to check-out our new XTREME TOURNAMENT ANGLER mounts including our new BOLT-ON Camera Mount.

Then we can put a package together for ya or just help when you need us.
Tx & #AlwaysBeRecording
Christian Corley,
Founder YOLOtek

~ ~ ~ DETAILS ~ ~ ~

Here is what you get as a 2024 BASS ELITE Angler…

• YOLOtek gear at no charge

• GoPro with PowerDoor & SD Cards at OUR COST.
  (Hero 12 $369 & 256gb SD cards $29)

• One-on-One Tech Support for YOLOtek Gear, Cameras, Editing & anything else.

• Hookset Wholesale: hook us up with boat store or marina and we pay ya commissions.

• Team YOLOtek Brand Ambassador Program Available on request, but not required.

• GoPro Tips to Record Video All-Day-Long:

No matter if you are new to recording or an expert, we got you covered. Even if you were not required to have a GoPro on board, video is great for your sponsors / potential sponsor, fans and we have one angler make $30,000 from a single video. (With our viral video partner.) Any questions, just ask.