MLF, BASS & NPFL All Require POV Cameras on Boats

Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour, Major League Fishing Pro Circuit, Bassmaster Elite & National Professional Fishing League All Require POV Cameras (GoPro, DJI, Tactacam, etc.) on Boats to record every second of the tournament. More and more tournaments at every level are starting to require POV cameras on board for the following three reasons:

1. TRUST (video of every fish catch)
Money, even small amounts, make people do bad things like cheat. Having a POV camera eliminates any doubt that the angler caught the fish. Also, POV cameras have GPS built-in and if required to be turned on would confirm the fish were caught in legal areas.

Example: At the Big Bass Blast on Lake of the Ozarks Missouri the 1st Place bass of 6.82lbs. won $100,000 and 2nd Place bass of 6.81lbs. was $20,000. The winner, Oliver Ngy of California had video from cast to catch, so there was NO doubt he caught the fish. Having video is awesome.

2. PROTECT THE ANGLER & SPONSORS (ensure they are not part of a bad situation)
Many pro anglers have wrapped boats and trucks, so the general public might think they have a lot of money. Say you are fishing near a persons boat, that person may try to sue you for scratching their boat, when you didn't go near it. Having video to prove what happened will always help your case. Also, Sponsors will want to mitigate (lower) their risk, as no sponsor wants to learn they backed an angler or tournament that did not verify all fish were caught legally.

From boat accidents to folks saying the angler did something illegal or against the rules, POV cameras can help tournament officials or even law enforcement determine what happened.

We worked closely with Major League Fishing, BASS, NPFL and many tournaments across the country to ensure all their pros are ready for the POV requirement.

If you will be required to have a POV camera running on your boat, just call us at 800-488-4456 or email me direct and we will get you set. 

Tight lines,
Christian, Founder of YOLOtek