Pro Angler Updates...

YOLOtek is proud to work with hundreds of Pro Anglers, as no one beats the crap and tests our gear as fast as a Pro. We simply ask for honest and direct feedback, so we can continue to make products better and better.
Thank you from Christian Corley, founder & everyone at Team YOLOtek

Update: 98% of anglers running YOLOtek are loving them and capturing epic videos. Of course that is great, but the reason we get our gear into the hands of Pros is to learn quickly of any issues to adjust for production. If you have any issues, no matter how small… please let us know. 

• Ranger: The biggest issue we are aware of is with Ranger boats. (New Ranger boats changed the navlight port (Perko teardrop) they used for years to a smaller port (Attwood LightArmor Round) and say is ok with std. navlight, but needs to be upgraded back to the Perko Teardrop to run YOLOtek gear.

• BassCat boats running our tall NavLight+PowerStick should replace the port rivets with passthrough bolts or switch to our short NavLight+PowerStick. 

• The tall NavLight+PowerStick is 6oz heavier than PowerStick, so if the boat manufacture did not install the port correctly, there can be issues. Solution here is to confirm the port was installed correctly or run our new NavLight+PowerStick MICRO, PowerStick-53 or The BOOM! MICRO.

Please send direct feedback to Christian's cell phone 913-481-4456 or

Thank you!