Refund Policy

YOLOtek refund policy is simple.

If someone makes a purchase from and wants to return the product… as long as the product is in new condition in the original/unopened package, we will accept the return and refund all monies except for any shipping charges that YOLOtek is charged. (Getting the package to and from the customer.)

Once you get a RMA number from YOLOtek, send the product back at your expense in the original box and YOLOtek will refund the entire order less the cost of the shipping the product to the customers originally. [At the customer request, YOLOtek can also send a return label and the total shipping to and from will be subtracted from the refund.] 

If the product(s) are NOT in the original packaging, undamaged and ready for re-sell, then we cannot accept the product(s) back.

Return Process...
Send a return request to... for an RMA number or call us 800-488-5512

We are aware that Amazon and large companies allow customers to select reasons for a return that do not charge the customer for the shipping to them or back to Amazon. They do that by making customers pay membership fees or build the costs into their products. We keep our prices low and our profits are low, so as many people can afford our products as possible and appreciate your understanding. We have very few returns, but when we do only the shipping charges apply.

Any questions, please let us know. 

Thank you!
Team YOLOtek