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Team YOLOtek

PowerStick-53" Gen2 UNBOXING [The ONLY Powered GoPro Boat Mount Designed Specifically for Your Boat!] Click Here to Learn More


LOOPING: Built-into most every GoPro, VIRB and other action camera is a feature called Looping. Because you have PowerStick-53" and constant external power to your camera, you can use this powerful feature. Looping allows you to:
1) Always Be Recording, so you Don't miss the shot!
2) Only Save Good Video, so bad video won't fill up your SD card.
3) Edit and Share Movies FAST!


Silicone Rainproof Putty: Keep your GoPro, VIRB, other action camera and your YOLOtek gear dry with SRP.  Click Here to Learn More



Will GoPro Hero 8 Work on PowerStick-53" & other YOLOtek gear? Yes, Hero 8 and EVERY SINGLE GoPro EVER MADE... in fact EVERY ACTION CAMERA EVER MADE WILL WORK ON YOLOtek gear... but watch this quick video that explains it.


How to Get External Power from PowerStick-53" to GoPro Hero 7, 6 or 5! The same as when you apply external power in your truck or at home, remove the camera from the "frame" (wrap around plastic), then remove the power door and place the camera back into the frame. First time you remove the power door, it will seem a bit odd, but after a few times you will be an expert. Without the power door, the GoPro is NOT waterproof. Use our available Silicone Rainproof Putty to keep everything dry.


"Just-in-Case" Tether System UNBOXING... YOLOtek products are very secure and you may not have anything crazy happen on the water, like a duck crashing into your gear... but some customers asked for a tether... Just-in-Case and if there is one thing YOLOtek does well, it's listen to customers.


The BOOM! 4.5' to 8' GoPro Mount, Screws into 3/4" Seat Connector. Click Here to Learn More!


Bow/Front Navlight Port 3-pin to 2-pin rewire About 5% of boats have a 3-pin connector for the front red/green bow light navlight port, due to a "Map Light". If you have a boat with a 3-pin, there is a 70% chance that PowerStick-53" will work just fine once you get the switches in the right position. Feel free to call us if you have trouble... 800-488-5512. About 30% of the time the port has to be re-wired... but DON'T REWIRE UNTIL YOU TEST FIRST, as many 3-pin work good.

1. Plug in your red/green bow light. Turn on your master and nav switches or whatever it takes to light up your red/green. ONCE THE RED/GREEN IS ON, DO NOT TOUCH ANY SWITCHES.
2. Now with the red/green light on the bow light, pull the light out and immediately plug in PowerStick-53". The green light should come on. Now plug in your cell phone USB cord out of your truck and plug in your cell phone. Does it start charging. If it does, you are good to go. If it does not, please call us 800-488-5512 and we will go over this with you. Thank you!

The good news is, it is a simple re-wire. Click here to download a one page 3-pin re-wire.

A great customer made a video to show how to perform a quick re-wire to make it work like a standard 2-pin to power YOLOtek gear and all standard red/green bow lights. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Troubleshooting: Having Trouble Compressing PowerStick-53' Sections or Feels Like Wires are Binding [This is rare, but simple to fix. Extend the stick fully, then compress the top section and lock quick release. Then and only then, compress the bottom section. Do NOT force the sections together with force, as you may kink the wires and may be permanent.

If this doesn't work, then extend fully and lock quick release and leave overnight. In the morning release the top quick release and slowly compress the top section. Once this is done, then release bottom quick release and slowly compress the bottom section. If this does not work, then call us 800-488-5512.]