YOLOtek Video of the Year

ENTER: YOLOtek Video of the Year 2020 $1,750 in Prizes! by midnight Jan 24th
Two categories: EDITED & RAW, so no matter if you can edit videos like Steven Spielberg or just have raw video... you can enter and WIN! [$250 cash bonus if the winner has at least one #YOLOtekPhotoBomb] Click to Submit video, BUT READ THE RULES FIRST!!! https://bit.ly/yolotek2020videooftheyear
1) Video must have been recorded in 2020 using YOLOtek gear (PowerStick-53", PowerStick-20", The BOOM!, etc.) or video prior to 2020 if not submitted in any previous YOLOtek VOY. You can have other POV (points of video) in video such as chesty mount, windscreen, etc. but MUST have video from YOLOtek gear. (There is a $250 cash bonus to winner if there is a #YOLOtekPhotoBomb in the video. This is where the YOLOtek gear is shown, even if just for just 5 seconds.)
2) Name & Cell number in video title: Edited-John-Smith-913-555-1212-01.mp4 or Raw-Tim-Jones-972-555-1212-01.mp4 If you submit multiple videos add 01 on the first, 02 on the 2nd, etc. at the end of the file name.
3) Two Categories: Edited & Raw. If you edited the video, put EDITED at the front and if you did not edit, add RAW at the front of the video. Yes, you can submit both types!
3a) RAW videos are from cast-to-catch. If you can, please bleep out any curse words or we can do that for you. At the end of the video you may add your logo and we still consider it RAW, as long as the video itself is not touched. (Do not put your logo in the entire video or add words to the video, as we would consider that EDITED.) Please don't add the YOLOtek logo anywhere in the video.
3b) RAW videos will qualify for #YOLOtekPhotoBomb if they show another YOLOtek product or if there is a shadow of PowerStick or other YOLOtek gear in the video.
4) Video submission ends Jan 24nd at midnight. Team YOLOtek will narrow both Edited and Raw down to the Top 3 and then we will put out on social for the public to vote for the winner. Voting ends Thursday January 28th at 5pm. Winner announced on Thursday, January 28th at approximately 7pm.
5) There is no length limit to the video.
1st Place for EDITED & RAW Category Videos: $500 YOLOtek Bucks + Shirt or Hat
2nd Place for EDITED & RAW Category Videos: $100 YOLOtek Bucks + Shirt or Hat
3rd Place for EDITED & RAW Category Videos: $50 YOLOtek Bucks + Shirt or Hat
*$250 BONUS CASH: If the 1st Place Video displays YOLOtek gear (we call it #YOLOtekPhotoBomb) they receive $250 CASH BONUS!
By submitting video, you give YOLOtek full permission to use any and all parts of the video in posts, ads or anything else. Any questions, please call.