POWERCase [GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4]

POWERCase: GoPro Case with open side for Power/Charging - Click Here for Details! ORDER NOW & SAVE 40%!!

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POWERCase [GoPro case for Hero 3, 3+ & 4 with open side for power/charging] Similar to GoPro Skelton case that sells for $49.99. A MUST for customers with POWERStick-53", POWERStick-10" or The BOOM! Open side allows for power/charging and allows sound to get in too. Much better sound than standard waterproof case to your GoPro. Dead batteries SUCK, but not with POWERCase and POWERStick-53",  POWERStick-10" or The BOOM!. Case protects 95% of your camera from water spray and dust, but we have Silicone Rainproof Putty available for wet conditions.  ORDER NOW AND SAVE 40%! SHIPPING NOW!

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES... (If you are purchasing a POWERCase, you might consider purchasing a POWERKit instead, which has the POWERCase + a USB power/charging cord.)

1. POWERKit-12" contains (1) POWERCase & (1) POWERCord-12" to power your adventures! POWERCase is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4. POWERCord-12" is a 4-in-1 USB power cord. The POWERKit-12" is the perfect addition to the POWERStick-53" & POWERStick-10". Or get either POWERCase or POWERCord-12" separately...
2. POWERKit-15" for The BOOM! contains (1) POWERCase & (1) POWERCord-15' to power your adventures! POWERCase is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4. POWERCord-15' is a 15 foot long USB power cord. The POWERKit-15' is the perfect addition to The BOOM! Or get either POWERCase or POWERCord-15' separately...
3. SILICONE RAINPROOF PUTTY - just Seal-it & Forget-it! The fastest way to Rainproof/Dustproof your POWERStick-53", POWERStick-10" & POWERCase. Simply roll it out and wrap it around your power cord and into the open side case to prevent water from coming in during rain or spray while you are running. Comes with 12 tabs to keep it dry.