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YOLOtek® is a game changer and with #YOLOtek360 2 cameras are better than one. Putting one camera on the back (cameraman view) and one camera on the front )(up angle face shot) you will NEVER MISS THE SHOT!

Our fully patented line of products and GoPro mounts is award winning, including the prestigious iCAST Best in Category.

PowerStick plugs right into your navigation light port on the back or front of your boat and pulls power from your cranking battery to give you constant power all day long. But you never have to worry about YOLOtek draining your cranking batteries, as we down your 12 volts to 5 volt USB and the GoPro just sips .7 amp or less In other words, with only PowerStick connected to your battery running a Hero 10 recording in 4K for 9 hours straight will take your battery from 12.8 volts to 12.6 volts. And in 41% of our testing, your battery will drop that much with nothing connected to your battery.

Our GoPro bass boat mount will give you the "cameraman" POV (point of view) ... just like you had a cameraman on your boat. Plus, you never have to change the battery on your GoPro, VIRB, Tactacam, DJI or any action camera! The best GoPro fishing mount on the market. Check out our GoPro bundle to keep your camera dry when it starts to rain or get some water spray while flying down the water.

YOLOtek gear is rock solid and we have Just-in-Case Tether system for added security! Check out all the options and call for questions 800-488-5512 Thank you!! Team YOLOtek