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Keep Your Gear Dry!

Graph Adapter Plate Kit for BOLT-ON Camera Mount

Graph Adapter Plate Kit for BOLT-ON Camera Mount

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Looking to mount the YOLOtek BOLT-ON Camera Mount, but do not want to drill a hole in your graph gimbal? Then get this adapter plate kit. Comes with pre-drilled holes for some popular graph mounts, like Bass Boat Technologies (BBT) or use 2 of the stock holes and custom drill 2 more holes in the Adapter Plate. Then bolt on the BOLY-ON Camera Mount to secure your GoPro or other action camera no matter how big the waves are today. Built with aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in black to be strong and beautiful.

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Want a higher view? Click Here to get one or more of the optional 7.5" Extension.

• Graph Adapter Plate
• 4qty 1/4" Stainless Steel bolts & Washers

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