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Port Kit [Round Attwood LightArmor Threaded + Full Metal Jacket]

Port Kit [Round Attwood LightArmor Threaded + Full Metal Jacket]

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Attwood LightArmor [Round] NavLight Port Replacement Kit - Attwood LightArmor Pole Light Base for stern (Back) or bow (Front) of your boat. Want to get great video of your fishing adventures and know your YOLOtek PowerStick is secure? THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!  

Note: 3-stainless steel #10 panhead screws and 2-crimp connectors with heat seal are included. Click here to download and print the port installation sheet with a port wire diagram, so you can lay it down on your existing port screw holes to see if they match and find the best place on your boat to install. MUST PRINT INSTALL SHEET AT 100%. (Do NOT use "Shrink to Fit" setting in .pdf)

LightArmor PORT is Available in 3-different shapes...
• Round as shown here
• Rectangle (click here)
 Teardrop (click here)

NOTE: Do you need a Locking Collar? Two choices depending on if this port is for a YOLOtek Gear or Non-YOLOtek Gear like your white anchor/funning light.

• G4 YOLOtek Only Locking Collar (Attwood Threaded) Designed for YOLOtek PowerStick

• 00 Original Non-YOLOtek Locking Collar (Attwood Threaded) Fits White Anchor/Running Lights

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