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Full Metal Jacket for ROUND LightArmor Port

Full Metal Jacket for ROUND LightArmor Port

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Have a boat with an Attwood LightArmor Round port and want to make it even more secure? Get Full Metal Jacket for ROUND LightArmor Port. Will ONLY fit Attwood LightArmor Round series navigation light port. Made of stainless steel and custom built to make your port very secure. We love Attwood, but the amount of plastic holding the port to the boat is very thin... capping the port with Full Metal Jacket will ensure your navlight or YOLOtek gear stay secure.

Some boat manufactures like Phoenix installed #9 screws instead of #10 pan head screws that Attwood requires. Adding our Full Metal Jacket will make your port very secure for your white anchor/running light or YOLOtek PowerStick!

NOTE: Once Full Metal Jacket is added, your port cover will close about 90% of the way; but will not close all the way. Most customers feel the security is worth it.

THIS IS NOT A COVER! This is NOT a replacement part for a LightArmor port with a missing or broken cover. This ONLY makes your existing port more secure. Any questions, please contact us or 800-488-5512

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