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Guide Screw

Guide Screw

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1-Guide Screws for PowerStick-53" or PowerStick-20". 

Note: If you need this part today, call your local Fastenal part #0173727 #5-40 x 1/4" Phillips Drive Round Head Grade 18-8 Stainless Steel Machine Screw. (They will probably charge $8 to $12 for special order shipping, so you might get a couple.)

Note: If you have accidentally strip out the thread in the PowerStick, go to your local Fastenal for one of these two options:
#6-32 1/4" Fillister Head Phillips Stainless Steel Part #0170829
#6-32 1/4" Round Head Phillips Stainless Steel Part #72501
These are slightly larger thread and will cut their own thread into the stripped out PowerStick Guide Screw hole.

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