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Kayak Track Mount

PowerTrack Mount

PowerTrack Mount

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Power Track Mount (track not included): Yakers, are you tired of dead GoPro batteries? Want to have PowerStick-53" or PowerStick-20" powered GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, other action cameras or phone mount on your boat and with no tools required? This is what you have been waiting for. Our new PowerTrack Mount allows you to T-Bolt on this accessory and use the SAE quick connect to your kayaks 12volt battery. Then simply plug-in PowerStick-53" or PowerStick-20" and mount your GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, other action camera or your cell phone and start recording. Record ALL-DAY LONG! #AlwaysBeRecording


• PowerTrack Mount with SAE connector
• SAE wire battery connector 12"
• 2-Butt Connectors with Shrink Wrap ends

SAE extension wires, SAE port and other accessories are available. 

When connecting SAE wires, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RED! (Always make sure the red wire connects to the red wire in the next connection. Connecting red wire to black wire can be dangerous.)

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YOLOtek tagline is #AlwaysBeRecording and this is because our products provide constant power to keep your action camera, cell phone and other electronics powered all day long. This allows you to #AlwaysBeRecording!