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PhoneMount 360

PhoneMount 360

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Phone Mount 360 - The Ultimate Phone Mount - High quality phone mount that securely holds your phone and can rotate 360 degrees for landscape or portrait! Perfect for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live or anything live. Works perfect with your charging cable while recording the action on our powered sticks. Fits Most Any Phone and YES, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PHONE IN THE BIG-ASS CASE TOO :) Screw tighten to your desired grip. 2.25" fully closed and approx. 4.125" fully open. Works great on top of POWERStick-53", POWERStick-10" or The BOOM!
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YOLOtek tagline is #AlwaysBeRecording and this is because our products provide constant power to keep your action camera, cell phone and other electronics powered all day long. This allows you to #AlwaysBeRecording!