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The BOOM! Micro

[Wholesale ONLY] The BOOM! Micro [Approx. 26" to 36"]

[Wholesale ONLY] The BOOM! Micro [Approx. 26" to 36"]

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THE BOOM! Micro is the epic action camera mount you have been waiting for to hold your GoPro, Tactacam, DJI, or any action camera. Secures into your 3/4" seat connector on your boat. Made of aircraft grade aluminum. Extremely strong.  Extends from approx 26" to 36" to help you get those amazing shots. You won't believe it until you see it. You will love this epic mount.

Fits all boats with a 3/4" seat post: Triton, Nitro, Skeeter, BassCat, Bullet, Gambler, G3, & other boats with a 3/4" seat post.

Attention Ranger, Vexus, Phoenix, Falcon, Legend, Champion & Crestline boat owners... you will need the 1.77" to 3/4" adapter for The BOOM! to fit your boat…
just click here to add the Adapter to fit these boats

Get PowerBank for The BOOM! to power your GoPro or other action camera all-day-long. Click here for details.

Other Seat Post Adapters for The BOOM!:
• Springfield Hi-Lo Taper-Lock to 3/4" Part 1600409 9" tall: from iBoat Click here
• Springfield 2 3/8" plug in base: Springfield does not make an adapter, so you would have to take a spare post or purchase this one (3300712 Click here) and create your own custom to 3/4" adapter on top.  


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