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Wireless Microphone System (Lark M2) for GoPro & Other Action Cameras

Wireless Microphone System (Lark M2) for GoPro & Other Action Cameras

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Lark M1 Wireless Microphone System   Looking to up your videos with improved audio? Then this is the wireless mic system you have been looking for. Awesome wireless system will make you sound good! Includes two transmitters so your audio and your guest is crystal clear. The 2.4GHz system includes two transmitters with built-in, omnidirectional microphones and one dual-channel receiver—and very small. Clips on the back of each transmitter allow you to attach them to your shirt. With a TRS to TRS and TRS to TRRS adapter cables, the receiver can be plugged into compatible cameras or smartphones. Up to 656' Transmission Distance with LED Indicators, Noise Cancellation, 8-Hour Battery Life and Plug / Play Pairing.
Note: If your camera has a 3.5 audio input, then you are set. To connect the Lark M1 to GoPro, DJI or other action cameras, you will need a MediaMod or an Audio Adapter. Sold separately. Any questions, please call us 800-488-5512 tx!

NOTE: You will need to confirm your camera has a way to connect the Lark M1 Wireless to your Action Camera. If you have a GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9 with a MediaMod, then you are set. Or if you have any GoPro with the GoPro Audio/Power Splitter Dongle, then you are set. Any questions, please contact us or 800-488-5512 Thank you!

• 2qty Transmitters with Built-In Omni Mics & 1 Dual-Channel Receiver
2qty Transmitter Furry Covers (helps reduce wind noise)
• 3.5mm TRS Cable Mic Connectors
• 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Cable Mic Connectors
• USB Power Cord
• PowerCase (will charge the Transmitters & Receiver on the go, like an AirPod case)
• Awesome carrying case


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