Q: How can I quickly make a video from my GoPro or other action camera?
A: This is as easy at 1-2-3

1. CONSTANT POWER: Use POWERStick-53" to provide constant power to your GoPro or other action camera.
2. LOOPING: Every GoPro and action camera has "Looping" built-in. Once you set-up 5 minute Looping (click on this link and play video or call us) you can save only the good video. So if you are out for 5 hours and catch 3 fish; you will have three 5 minute videos... and the GoPro actually breaks this down to five 1-minute videos each. So you can connect your phone to the GoPro and download the 3 action shots to your phone or to your computer at home. Whichever is easier. 
3. QUIK APP by GoPro: Then you can open the Quik app by GoPro on your phone or computer and select the three 1-minute videos. The Quik app will create the video for you in a matter of seconds. You can choose the theme and make changes. Then you can upload them to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere you want! Want more control, there are a lot of software apps you can choose from. Check them out or give us a call to help you select the one right for you.

Q: How do I get power to my GoPro Hero 5 or 6 Black while filming on my POWERStick-53" by YOLOtek?
GoPro Hero 5 & 6 do work GREAT with our products. GoPro design them to go into the Karma Drone & Karma Grip, so you have to remove the power door. This is simple, but a little strange for the first time. Basically you...
1. Take the GoPro Hero 5/6 out of the Frame (camera mount)
2. Open the power door like you do at home to charge the camera
3. Pop off the power door
4. Re-insert the GoPro back into the Frame.
Here is a video to show you how to remove the power door, so you can power while filming. https://youtu.be/JziIC34ucRc 

Q: Will YOLOtek products work with my GoPro, other action camera, or 360 cam?
YES!!!! WORKS WITH... EVERY GOPRO EVER MADE & OTHER ACTION CAM TOO!!! With 1/4"-20 thread standard tripod mount on top of ALL our sticks, rest assured you can mount any action camera!
- GoPro Hero 5 Black (Yes, the brand new one. Works great! See Tip: #1 below on how to remove power door to power while filming.)
- GoPro Hero 5 Session
- GoPro Hero 4 Black/Silver & Hero 4 Session
- GoPro Hero 3, 3+, +, Yep, we work with your GoPro
- Works with EVERY action camera ever made! VIRB, iON, Wasp, etc.

Q: How Much will this Draw on my Cranking Battery?  
A: VERY LITTLE DRAW! We understand how VITAL it is for you to maintain high charge battery level. YOLOtek products were designed to leave your battery alone! Because we are downing 12v to 5v for USB, we are barely touching your battery. Examples:
- GoPro Hero 5 Black, plugged into top USB port 1.2 amp, recording at 1080p for 10 hours will take your battery from 12.8 to 12.6.
- POWERLight, plugged into top USB port 1.2 amp, running on high will take your battery from 12.8 to 12.5.
In 40% of our tests a naked battery [battery that has nothing attached] will draw down from 12.8 to 12.6 in 10 hours. So, YES your battery will not be an issue with our products! :)

Q: Why is POWERStick-53" such a sought after product by everyone?  
A: Because it contains high end electronics and other features:
1) Over Voltage Protection
2) Shortage Protection
3) Over Heat Protection
4) Surge Protection
5) Over Charge Protection
...and the biggie
6) Polarity Correction (LED & USB require polarity. POWERStick-53" has a chip in it that corrects the polarity if plugged in backwards or if you buy a used boat and someone reversed the navlight wiring... POWERStick-53" just works!
7) USB 2.1 Fast Charging on top and 1.0 on bottom with USB covers when it rains***
8) Ball & Joint Mount for flexibility and lots of POV's (points of view)
9) Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum 
10) Dual Channels for strength
11) Instant Locking Tabs to quickly adjust the heigth for each section
12) Adjustable Hand Grip - move to where you want and it stays
13) Multiple Locking Collars (Standard Cam/Non-Thread, Large Threaded & Adjustable Guide Screw for Atwood and other non-locking collar navlight ports) No matter which boat or navlight port you have, we got you covered!
14) 3-Hole Base Plug for compatibility with all 2-pin & *3-pin navlight ports
15) Spring Connectors within base plug ensure constant contact for power

Q: Are there any warnings for any of the products?
A: Yes...
- Never use POWERStick-53" in place of navigation lights.
- Never plug anything into POWERStick-53" in wet conditions, unless you are using our Silicone Rainproof Putty, as it may cause damage to itself or electronics.
- Always close tight rubber USB covers when not in use, unless using Silicone Rainproof Putty.
- Always compress sections for high speed.
- Silicone Rainproof Putty sold separately to make splash proof while in use.
- Salt Water: We highly recommend Silicone Rainproof Putty. When coming off the water, rinse everything with fresh water, but of course do not allow water to enter the USB ports of our powered stick or your GoPro.

- Do not over tighten ball and joint. Ball and joint were NOT designed to be completely locked down such as RAM mount. This design allows you to quickly adjust your GoPro to other points of view. After you reach max tightness (1 to 2 turns), the more you turn the knob the less tight the ball becomes. GripKit available to make the ball and joint more tight.
- Always use common sense when using all our products. Filming on the water, particularly rough water can be dangerous for you, your boat, YOLOtek gear and your GoPro or other action camera.
- Non-Threaded Locking Collar: If your navlight port uses a Non-Threaded Locking Collar or CAM lock or Pressure Lock, be sure to turn the locking collar until it comes to a full locked position. If you NEVER reach a locked position and can turn the locking collar 360 degrees, then it is NOT LOCKED DOWN and you should NOT RUN FAST! Consider replacing the port with the Attwood Easy Lock or Perko Threaded navlight port rated for up to 70MPH.

Q: Will POWERStick-53" & POWERStick-10" work with 3-pin navlight ports?
A: Yes, but some front navlight ports with 3-pin may need a simple rewire of the port. Just send an email to: 3PIN@YOLOtek.com or call us at 800-488-5512 and we will send your the simple diagram to walk you through it.

A: Threaded Locking Collar & Guide Screw NavLight Ports are rated up to 70MPH in calm water. (Navlight ports that don't use a locking collar and have a built-in cover - Always make sure cover is over Guide Screw to lock it down.)

Standard/Non-Thread Locking Collar rated up to 50MPH in smooth/calm water. Want to go 70MPH in calm water? Replace a standard CAMLock/No-thread navlight port with Attwood Easy Lock NavLight Port, click here for details.

Compress sections while running.

If you are using our Silicone Rainproof Putty, then you are fine. If you are NOT using our Silicone Rainproof Putty follow these instructions when it rains... 1) unplug all power cords, 2) close the USB covers tightly, 3) place your GoPro or other action camera into a waterproof housing, mount back on POWERStick-53" & turn off power to your navlight port. (Green light will extinguish.) Once the rain stops you may hook power up again.



1. POWERKit-12" contains (1) POWERCase & (1) POWERCord-12" to power your adventures! POWERCase is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4. POWERCord-12" is a 4-in-1 USB power cord. The POWERKit is the perfect addition to the POWERStick-53". Or get either POWERCase or POWERCord-12" separately...

2. POWERCase, is an open side case for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4, so you can power/charge your GoPro, VIRB, or iON all day long. Similar to GoPro Skeleton that sells for 67% more than POWERCase.
3. POWERCord-12", is a 4-in-1 USB cord. Standard USB on one side and USB-Mini, USB-Micro, USB-C & Apple Lighting. About 12" long, just perfect to plug in and power/charge any action camera or phone you have.
4. SILICONE RAINPROOF PUTTY - just Seal-it & Forget-it! The fastest way to Rainproof/Dustproof your POWERStick-53" & POWERCase. Simply roll it out and wrap it around your power cord into the powered stick and stuff into the open side GoPro case to prevent water from coming in during rain or spray while you are running. 
5. POWERLight-SOLO - Perfect Addition to POWERStick-53"... This is a product you will "NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW YOU LIVED WITHOUT IT!" POWERLight-SOLO fits right on top of POWERStick-53" & Lights-UP the Deck of your boat & Truck too! Perfect for early morning rigging before you hit the water. Also perfect when you pull your boat off the water and have 22 rods all jacked-up and so much stuff to put away. It is the ONLY light that allows you to naturally tie on a lure/leader. Adjustable beam for Spot Light & Flood Light capabilities. 5 Settings: High, Medium, Low, Strobe & S.O.S. just in case of an emergency out on the water. Brilliant white light with so many lumens you won't know what to do.